Chin Sculpting is a clinically proven non-surgical treatment that dissolves fat under the chin, resulting in a more contoured jawline.

Excess skin and fat deposits below the cheek, (or as we know it, a “double chin,”) can occur at any age, and can damage self confidence, particularly as we age. That’s where Lisa Rush comes in!

Double chin is due to excess skin laxity from aging, genetics, or weight fluctuations. Lisa offers a suite of cutting edge treatment options to sculpt the chin and jawline, including the Ultraformer III and fat dissolving injections. These revolutionary non surgical treatments help those looking for a permanent way to reduce chin fat.

How it works.

STEP 1: During your obligation free consultation, Lisa will discuss your concerns and assess the area of pinchable skin. She focuses on really understanding the problem and desired results. From here, Lisa builds a personal treatment plan that outlines exactly how to achieve a more contoured jawline.

STEP 2: An indicative session starts with Lisa marking the area accurately, using your facial structure for guidance. After numbing the area, she will then inject the appropriate amount of fat-dissolving injections into targeted areas of the chin.

STEP 3: Lisa offers a comprehensive post- care support system. She is only a phone call or email away and will answer any questions you may have about post-care. Otherwise, follow-up treatments are spaced four-six weeks apart. The majority of clients will have visible results after two to four treatments.

Why see Lisa Rush?

Chin sculpting is a highly specialised procedure, so it is important that it’s done by someone highly skilled. This is where Lisa comes in. With years of experience working with the most renowned cosmetic clinics and plastic surgeons in Australia, she is trusted by men and women from around the globe.


1. How long does it take to see results?
Visible fat reduction can be expected in two to four sessions.
2. How long does the treatment and how many will I need?
Treatment time is approximately 45 minutes. The number of treatments can vary from person to person.
3. How long do results last?
Chin sculpting treatments are permanent, but it is recommended to have 1 treatment for maintenance every 4-5 years.Chin sculpting treatments are permanent, but it is recommended to have 1 treatment for maintenance every 4-5 years.
4. Is there downtime?

There is some normal swelling to be expected from chin sculpting, so it is best to ice the skin and rest on the day of treatment. Most swelling goes down within 48 hours but can be treated with ice and pain-killers. Exercise should also be avoided for 24 hours post-treatment.
Lisa provides comprehensive pre and post care information to make clients aware of all risks and procedures.