Wrinkle PreventionWe all get wrinkles eventually, some of us sooner than others. We may find that we are more prone to certain types of wrinkles than others. Genetics, sun damage, stress, diet, habits such as smoking and facial expressions work together to determine what kinds of wrinkles we get and when they will appear.

Here are nine of the most common (and lamented) types of facial wrinkles:

Forehead Lines

These horizontal creases that run across the forehead are often referred to as ‘worry lines’. These lines can start at a young age for some, appearing in the late twenties. Forehead lines can range from fine lines to deep wrinkles.

Frown Lines

These vertical lines occur between the eyebrows and are also known as glabellar lines. As the skin loses its elasticity frown lines appear and deepen. They are among the first wrinkles to show, often appearing in people’s twenties.

Crows Feet

These wrinkles are named after their shape which resembles the foot of a crow. They occur around the outer corners of the eyes and are most noticeable when one is squinting or smiling. These lines are extremely common and can be prevented or minimized by wearing sunglasses whenever you plan to be out in the sun.

Tear Troughs

These dark circles under the eyes have often been thought of as a tear trough deformity. Tear troughs create a hollow at the junction between the lower lid and the cheek. More often than not tear troughs are genetic rather than a result of aging.

Bunny Lines

These crinkles appear on both sides of the nose and are named after the cute way bunnies scrunch up their noses, though most women don’t consider them to be so cute. 

Nasolabial Folds

These wrinkles occur around the mouth and are commonly referred to as laugh lines or smile lines. They occur along the two skin folds that extend from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Everyone has these lines when they are smiling. As we get older they deepen and become noticeable even when our facial expressions are resting.

Marionette Lines

These long vertical lines appear laterally on the chin. They are among the most disliked wrinkles as they can give people an appearance that they are grim or scornful. Marionette lines tend to occur more in old age and some individuals do not get them at all. They are a result of the ligaments around the mouth and chin relaxing and loosening. They become increasingly visible as the fatty tissue in the cheeks dissipates. Whether or not you will get them and their severity will depend largely on your facial structure, anatomy and genetics. Once they have developed they are more difficult to get rid of than most other wrinkles.

Mental Crease

The term mental crease may lead you to believe this wrinkle is somewhere around the forehead. It is actually located on the chin beneath the lip. Like most wrinkles mental creases on the chin are a result of years of muscle movement and the natural aging process.

Neck Lines

The neck is often neglected in skincare routines and can be a telltale sign of someone’s age. However, necklines will develop as you age regardless of your skincare routine.

The Bottom Line

Everyone’s face reacts differently to the aging process. Some people’s skin shows the signs of aging early while others seem to naturally fend off the signs of aging. Prevention should be the key focus for anyone interested in keeping wrinkles away.