Lisa Rush


I’ve just returned from a beautiful family holiday in Thailand. I escaped the cold to recharge and spend some valuable time by the pool and eating as much pad thai as I could get my hands on with the kids, hubby and my parents (aka the babysitters!). Have you ever gone on a wonderful vacation and found your skin did not enjoy your travels as much as you did? You’re not alone. Flights, the change in climate, sun exposure and the time changes all contribute to skin issues while travelling.

When we’re at home it’s easy to maintain skin routine because the bathroom is stocked with our products, brushes, face cloths and everything else. It’s also easier to take care of our skin at home because we are used to how our skin acts and reacts to our home environment. It is easy for our skin to get used to our routines and a consistent climate.

Then we travel and all hell breaks loose. Our schedule, diet, lodging, stress levels and products can change drastically while away from home.

For some this may mean excess oil and shine, for others this may mean their skin becomes dry and leave your skin looking dull, fatigued and older.

Lisa Rush on holidays

The good news in, from my personal experience, travel doesn’t have to be traumatic for the skin. Here are some tips for how I keep my skin looking its best while I’m away:

How Flights Affect Your Skin

Flying can really dry out your skin. The humidity on a plane is usually around 20 percent and humidity in your home is normally over 30 percent – a dramatic difference. The altitude reached while in flight can also make skin appear duller due to decreased circulation. Inactivity contributes to this decrease in circulation and can also lead to puffiness.

To combat this, I hydrated with a Societe Peptide Mask. The masks work by utilising a unique formulation of peptides, stem cells and other anti-aging ingredients. They also rapidly minimise dehydration and improve the skin’s self moisturising ability, ensuring you arrive looking revived.

Drink Lots of Water

This is a general rule for promoting healthy looking skin, but is even more important when flying and travelling. Being outdoors on a sunny beach or running around a metropolis are both activities that use up a lot of water in our bodies. It’s easy to get carried away with the cocktails while on holidays, which also contributes to dehydration. I always have a water bottle on hand and drink extra water leading up to any flights. Rehydration (electrolyte) tablets are also a must in my family travel kit.

Apply Sunscreen & Wear Sunglasses

While it can be tempting to sunbathe and get a nice tan, too much sun is bad for your skin. There is the risk of burning and even tanning is still exposure to harmful rays that can increase your risk of skin cancer and accelerate aging. I apply sunscreen that is SPF 50 or higher on a regular basis in order to avoid permanent damage to your skin. Sunglasses and hats are also essentials for protecting your skin from the sun – you can never really have enough sunglasses! Those shaded hotel cabanas are also the best spots to be in – both for the shade and the luxury!

Cosmedix Travel Kit

These compact skincare kits are sure to help with whatever skin issues you encounter while on holidays. I never travel without it. Each one contains 4 products: cleanser, rejuvenating serum, antioxidant serum, and a nurturing moisturiser. I also love to use the Cosmedix Pure Vitamin C crystals which I add to my serums to boost their effect.

Cosmedix 4-piece essential kit

Extra TLC When You Are Home

When you arrive back home your skin may need to acclimatise to your home environment all over again, depending on how long you were away. Moisturising and calming your skin with another Peptide Mask may be just what your skin needs upon arrival.


Looking forward to seeing you soon and sharing with you my post holiday glow!!