Skin maintenance, just like going to the gym, is the best way to keep your face looking and
feeling its best. Lisa uses medical grade cosmeceutical brand, Cosmedix Elite as well as other brands to achieve flawless


Many patients benefit from the gentle yet effective revitalisation that comes with Lisa Rush’s medifacials and medipeels. Our treatments can enhance the results of more invasive skin procedures, or work well in isolation to improve the texture and tone of the skin.


‘Lift It’ Medifacial – 45mins
Utilising the latest Ultraformer III technology this medifacial combines the delivery of collagen boosting ultrasound to ‘lift and plump’, and active skin ingredients to deliver real results. Ideal for a pre party, or wedding boost this facial has no downtime and will leave you with plumper and more radiant skin. The best part is that the collagen boosting activity will continue to improve and if performed regularly can provide measurable ‘lifting’ results.
Power Lunch Medifacial – 20mins
Power through your lunch with our express medifacial that will leave you feeling refreshed, and with brighter looking skin. Designed for those on the go this medifacial has no downtime, and also no preparation is required. We even throw in an application of our Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Cleaner, calming, and leaving you ready for the rest of the day.
Signature Medifacial – 30mins
Our signature medifacial breathes life into ‘lack lustre’ skin. A Combination of antioxidants are delivered into the skin to provide the ultimate skin boost. This medifacial will leaves you with brighter, hydrated and more radiant skin. A course of treatments can also take your results to the next level.
Moisture Surge Medifacial – 30mins
This medifacial is great following a long-haul flight, or for dry, distressed skin. Delivering calming and soothing ingredients this treatment restores balance in the skin, and provides a hydrating and moisturising surge.



Our practitioner-only medipeels are designed to achieve maximum results with minimum discomfort. Formulated with pure botanical actives, and scientific know-how these treatments can transform skin gently, and effectively. Skin preparation with our Cosmedix Elite products is essential prior to your treatments to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

Purity Medipeel

Super soothing, and exfoliating this treatment is perfect for your problematic and impure skin.

Ageless Medipeel

Stimulate cellular turnover resulting in more smoother, denser and more hydrated skin. Excellent for fine lines and wrinkles, tightening and perfecting the skin. Works for the body as well.



You can also give your skin the ultimate boost with one of our pre treatment ‘add on’ masks

Brightening Mask – Brightens and smoothens
Detoxifying Mask – Detoxifies and decongests
Moisture Surge Mask – Moisturising and calming
Smoothing Mask – Exfoliates and smoothes


Lisa will never recommend a treatment that is not right for you. She is committed to providing only the very best that the world has to offer. That’s why patients come to her from all over Sydney and New South Wales.


1. What skin types suit Medifacials, Medipeels and Medimasks?
It’s important that you discuss your desired results with Lisa, so that she can assess your skin type and recommend the best treatment. Lisa has formulated treatments so that there is something for all skin types, using a bespoke combination of cosmetic grade products.
2. How long do the treatments take?
For ‘top up’ style treatments, half an hour is all it takes – perfect for the lunch break! However more complex treatments can take more time.
3. Is there downtime?
It depends on the treatment! While gentler facials and masks have no downtime, some of the more potent medipeels can result in some redness, but downtime is minimal. Lisa will always talk you through the expected outcome, any risks and potential outcomes, and is always a text or phone call away to answer any questions!
4. What skincare products do you use?

After scouring the globe for the best quality skincare products, Lisa has partnered with Cosmedix Elite and other brands. Used by the likes of Victoria Beckham, these highly effective cosmeceutical products can also be purchased at Lisa Rush, to be used at home.